Romance for sale

Romance for sale

Romance for sale

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Marlies Neugebauer

I have the habit of lighting a candle when I get home from work. Not as a sacred ritual but to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. With this action I finish my workday. The soft flickering light helps me to unwind, I turn off the world and tune into myself. I then play my favourite music, slip into something comfortable and start preparing dinner.

I recently came across the beautifully designed and all natural candles of TAKAZAWA Candle & Co. from Nanao, Japan. They're eco-friendly candles embodying the wisdom of living. Especially the 'all natural ingredients' speaks to me as many candles contain toxins.



TAKAZAWA Candle & Co creates traditional Japanese candles made from natural wax, called Wa Rousoku. They went into business back in 1892 in Noto Nanao city. 

The candles use a wax that is derived from plant-based raw materials. Specifically, haze seeds, canola flower, and coconut oil are used. In contrast to animal based raw materials. They are made by winding Japanese paper with a candlewick made from rushes and pouring vegetable wax extracted from nuts of trees such as wax trees and lacquer trees. Melted wax is sucked up through the wick as it burns, so the candle burns completely until the end. Also, the thick wick helps the flame keep burning even if it is blown by the wind.



Because the candles have a hollow core, they burn with greater intensity than a typical candle. This feature produces a fascinating and beautiful flame. Furthermore, using plant-derived material generates less soot. They are economically and ecologically friendly lights created with time-honoured wisdom.

Today, only a handful of craftsmen remain making Wa Rousoku candles, and TAKAZAWA Candle & Co is carrying on the tradition. Though these candles are so traditional, they are - with their strong graphic shapes - acutely modern. Beautiful on the dinner table with the minimalistic Nambu Testu candle stands, made of cast iron, or a very original gift. Not to mention the beautiful and sometimes funny packaging! You can find them here.

A warning: Japanese candles burn differently than then ones we know. They burn with a large, bright flame. Please keep the candle at a safe distance from other items and do not place flammable items above the candle. Don't leave the burning candle unattended and read the safety note included in the package.