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Pants by Matter

Pants by Matter

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Marlies Neugebauer

When visiting Singapore in February this year (a girls trip with the four of us to reunite with fifth who settled there a few years ago) I discovered that Singapore is an amazing green, vibrant, multicultural and inspiring state where I will hopefully spend more time in the future.

Despite our busy schedule, I was lucky enough to run into the lovely and super comfortable pants by Singapore based and socially conscious company Matter. 

Initially, it was not their pants I fell for, but the prints. They stood out. I have a crush on beautiful prints and pattern, especially those of the geometric kind. Fortunately for me this trend is still very much alive, geometry galore!



But Matter pants are so much more... at Matter they source heritage prints and styles and reinterpret them for the modern nomad. They partner with artisans such as block printers, dyers and weavers in Rajasthan, India and build lasting relationships with them, their families (most are family businesses) and whole communities. For these communities, the ability to earn a supplementary income from artisan work means that agricultural families are protected against the need the uproot themselves in times of drought and search for government labour work.

As I said - initially - it was the prints that caught my attention. But since purchasing two pairs of Side Swept Dhoti's (Pomegranate + Trikora) - the ones with the high waist (very feminine)  - I can say that these pants are not only lovely, but indeed very comfortable. They're designed and made for freedom of movement and occasion, emphasising comfort without sacrificing style. The pants styles are designed through multiple fittings on multiple women. They are even field tested to ensure they withstand the challenges of travelling, exploring, a night out or 'just' daily life. I especially love how different they are from the western standard! I personally wear them to work (+ sandals or sneakers) or for a night out (+ heels).

Of course I brought some pants back home. So if this story made you curious and you like to shop ethicaly, you can find them here.

Credits: images via Matter